[Sponsored] Treat spider veins in the winter and be ready for a spring thaw

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Most people have pesky little veins on their legs, hips or ankles.  You know, those spidery thin, bluish purplish reddish, branch-like markings. Spider veins are the result of increased pressure to the veins and they serve no purpose in the oxygenation of tissue. There are simple ways to rid your legs of these unsightly markings, and the winter months are the ideal time to do it.

Brandie Henry is a physician assistant at CVT Vein Therapy. A native of St. Francisville, Brandie graduated from LSU in 1997. She now manages the CVT Vein Therapy Center and specializes in the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins. “Winter is really the best time for treating veins,” Brandie says. “Concealing the compression stockings during treatment is far easier with a winter wardrobe already covering your legs.” Brandie answered some questions about spider vein treatment to help get your legs ready for spring. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Brandie and her team, click here.


Brandie Henry—Physician Assistant and spider vein specialist

—What is the most effective treatment?
Sclerotherapy involves injecting an irritant chemical into a problematic vein. The principle of injections is to fill the vein with a solution that will empty the vein of blood and cause the vein wall to become inflamed. As a result, the walls of the vein scar together and the vein will become obliterated and will no longer be visible.

—Does it hurt?
Most people can pop out at lunch for treatment and drive themself back to work. Some patients report feeling a small stick with mild burning during the procedure. Some can develop a slight histamine effect, like a bee sting. Hydrocortisone cream is applied to help. This usually goes away shortly after treatment.

—When can you see a difference? 
You may notice improvement in as little as 3 weeks but most veins need 2-3 months of healing time. Support stockings are required for 2 weeks following your treatment.  Depending on the severity, a few treatments are usually required.

—After treatment, do spider veins come back?
Unfortunately, because the veins in lower extremities are under high pressure from standing and walking all day, there is a tendency for recurrence of spider veins. Like maintaining hair color, you may need to return for minor touch ups on a yearly basis.

Other benefits of sclerotherapy:
Besides the cosmetic advantages of treatment, sclerotherapy can also alleviate some of the symptoms that can accompany the annoying veins like aches, cramps, swelling, or burning sensations. Don’t put off improving your health and appearance.  Click here to set up an appointment, your first consultation is totally free.


These are actual CVT patients before and after treatment.

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