[Sponsored] Interior Motives: Design services for introverted professionals

Sponsored by Rachel Cannon Ltd.


Rachel Cannon takes a behavioral approach to interior design—specifically helping introverts and extroverts peacefully coexist. As an introvert, she can attest to the fact that our culture promotes extroverted tendencies.

From the classroom with participation points, to work environments with open clusters of desks, to our homes with wide open floor plans—Rachel’s team is ahead of the next big trend in interior design, creating spaces that honor and nurture the dynamics among people.

The designers at Rachel Cannon Limited Interiors go beyond aesthetics and thoughtfully design your home according to the way you live, creating spaces that celebrate your individuality and foster a nurturing foundation for your life. Rachel believes that a well-designed home isn’t just about a pretty face-lift, but about life change. She designs spaces that give her clients a haven to recover from the daily grind and restore their emotional and mental bandwidth.


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