[Sponsored] The doctor’s secret: How dermatologists care for their skin

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You do your best to take care of your skin, but with so many products out there, it’s hard to know which are best. We spoke with Harry Burglass, Lori Byrd and Kristen Losavio, three doctors from The Dermatology Clinic, about their skincare routines and favorite products.


Harry A. Burglass Jr., M.D.

Look for a minimum SPF 30 with mineral ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Use it every day on your face, neck, arms and hands. Good choices: Over-the-counter options like Cerave AM, Olay complete are fine. Products like Elta MD’s tinted cream is great for different skin types and Revision Intellishade contains antioxidants to slow aging and improve collagen production.

—Retinol vitamin A cream

This treats and prevents acne and skin cancer while improving tone and texture. Best from a dermatologist, Roc and Neutrogena make over-the-counter creams, but the Dermatology Clinic can prescribe a more effective brightening cream specifically for your skin’s needs.

—Vitamin C

Lori Byrd, MD

While there may be over-the-counter options available, most are not formulated to make it into your skin cells, so it’s not your best choice. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps reverse damage caused by the sun’s rays and environmental pollutants. It can also help to lighten brown spots and can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Try Revision Vitamin C lotion or Skinceuticals CE Ferrulic.


Peptide creams promote collagen and elastin production, helping to reduce fine lines and improve elasticity.

Kristen LeBleu Losavio, MD

—Eye cream

Whether it’s dark circles or crows feet, your dermatologist can help you select the eye cream that targets your specific concerns. Revision DEJ eye cream or Neocutis peptide eye cream are two of the favorite options at the Dermatology Clinic.

Many of these can be ordered online through the Dermatology Clinic. Find out what’s best for your skin by scheduling a consultation with a dermatologist or aesthetician. At the Dermatology Clinic, you can schedule a complimentary Visia analysis of your skin and get a treatment plan targeted for you. Click here to learn more.