Summer experiences are helping kids bloom

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The end of the school year is fast approaching, and camps are already filling up. Some local kids will be getting real benefits from performing arts camps this summer. We checked in with Theatre Baton Rouge to find out how a drama camp can be important, educational and fun.

An introduction to the performing arts provides a safe creative escape for children—introducing them to the imaginative worlds of theatre, music and dance. Through drama, people learn about themselves and develop a greater understanding of society as a whole. Research consistently shows a correlation between involvement in the arts and academic success. Students’ involvement in plays, musicals and acting classes yielded various results, including improved reading proficiency, growth in self-concept and motivation, increased empathy and tolerance for others.


“The arts develop self-confidence and leadership skills to help children grow into successful adults.”

— Jenny Ballard
Managing Artistic Director, Theatre Baton Rouge

Having low-stress learning opportunities at a young age—like a performing arts camp or class—is important. Kids make friends from other schools that often become life-long friendships because of the safe and inclusive environment theatre provides. At school, teachers often notice a dramatic increase in children’s linguistic habits, language skills and artistic technique. Kids who grow up participating in arts organizations’ camps and classes often have higher self-esteem later in high school than students who are not involved in the arts. By high school, these drama kids often have stronger study habits and higher grades as a whole because of the foundation of accountability and encouragement gained from their theatre education.

“These kids will tell you, it’s different with their theatre friends—they feel like they can just be themselves and have fun, instead of worrying about the outside pressures that sometimes go along with school friends.”

—Jack Lampert
Director of Education, Theatre Baton Rouge

Any exposure to arts at younger ages helps to instill a love for the arts. It’s important for children to get to experience polished and professional performances like those at Theatre Baton Rouge. Visit or call 225.924.6496 to register for classes and camps and learn how to bring the benefits of the Arts to your family.

Benefits of arts education:

—Nonverbal communication
—Receiving constructive feedback
—Learning from failures and successes
—Strategic decision-making