Personal luxury: It’s about experience

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Mercedes Benz of Baton Rouge

Luxury doesn’t compromise. It strides confidently into the room and all heads turn. You know the feeling. Advances in technology, focused on providing a personalized experience, can reshape the way you drive.

If only there was a car that could listen to you, anticipate your needs and fulfill your requests when asked, casually, in your natural voice.

Good news: Mercedes-Benz has served all those features at a base MSRP of $32,500 in their 2019 A-Class. Standard features include smart phone integration with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, LED headlights, backup camera and a spacious panorama sunroof. Visit Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge to find your perfect ride.


Favorite features

“The navigation system is amazing. It not only displays the route on the monitor—it also uses the car’s onboard cameras to show the street view of the upcoming turn so you know what that corner looks like. I also love the way drivers can customize all of the features in their own user profiles, which delivers a personal experience to every driver.”

—Certified Sales Consultant, Trey Bagbey
Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge

A thoughtful friend—The new A-class gives drivers an onboard concierge who listens and learns. Just say, “Hey, Mercedes, it’s cold in here” or “I need a coffee,” and it acts accordingly—controlling many cabin features, as well as navigating routes for you, just like you’re old friends.

Personal touch—A touchscreen in the dash, a touchpad on the console, and touch control buttons on the steering wheel. The A-Class cockpit is as easy to use as a smartphone. Just scroll, swipe and select from illustrated menus on the dual dash displays.

Safety firstNext-generation audible and autonomous braking with active brake assist is keeping watch for you. Change lanes with a tap of a turn signal. Blind-spot monitoring and a touch pad on the steering wheel allows the driver to keep hands on the wheel. The vehicle will even let you know if you’re speeding with Speed Limit Assist.

Stay connected—Wireless charging now lets you refuel your phone’s battery as you drive. The car automatically connects to your phone, and links it every time you get in. With five USB ports, there’s a plug for every passenger.