The 4-1-1 on CVT Vein Therapy Center

Get your legs ready for summer! With the advent of new, less invasive treatment options, and the demand from patients who want relief for therapeutic or purely cosmetic reasons, venous disease can now be treated more easily and effectively than ever before. CVT Vein Therapy Center provides services for all your vein problems.


After vein therapy
Before vein therapy

Four fun facts

1. While the Vein Therapy Center did not open until 2001, CVT was established in 1957.

2. Their physicians were some of the first in the state to perform the newest vein intervention—VenaSeal. They treated more cases than anyone in the Baton Rouge area in 2018.

3. Their 5 doctors have 74 years of vascular experience between them.

4. CVT Vein Therapy center offers treatment for all your vein needs, and have an accredited vascular lab on site to do your testing.

One thing you didn’t know they offered

Sclerotherapy: The gold standard to treat spider veins on your legs and the cooler months are the best time for treatment.


One reason you should come in soon

• The benefits—Get relief from swelling, cramps and leg heaviness. Enjoy an improvement in your general health and regain the confidence to “bare” your legs again. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about your vein treatment options. Click here or call 225.766.0416.