[Sponsored] Here Comes the Bride: 4 tips to get the most from your bridal appointment

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Shopping for a dress is hard enough, but shopping for the dress is a big deal. Preparing for your bridal appointment matters. Wedding Belles New Orleans provides a luxury bridal shopping experience and dresses the area’s most stylish brides. Owner Amy Casbarian shares a few ways to keep it fun, make it memorable and get exactly what you want.

Know your taste.

• What is your bridal style? Consider whether you are drawn to classic or contemporary styles. “Go in with a general idea of what you like and dislike,” Amy says, “but stay open to trying on things outside your usual taste—you never know what may flatter you.”

• Once you have an idea of your own style, research the boutiques where you plan to shop by visiting their instagram pages. Does their style match your vision? Are you inspired by their images of real brides? Is their price range in line with your budget?


Prepare yourself for the experience.

Prepare your body. Be your best version of yourself on the day you plan to shop, considering your hair and makeup for those keepsake photos. Wear a strapless bra and shape wear to make yourself more comfortable slipping in and out of gowns. Bring a clip or hair-tie to compare your hair up and down with different necklines.

Prepare your mind. Don’t be surprised to find your gown—being ready to say “yes” is the best way to end a memorable day of shopping.

Prepare your finances. Consider a feasible budget. Who is paying? Are they prepared to place a deposit?

Consider your squad.

• This is your day, so it’s important to surround yourself with your best support team. If you are easily overwhelmed, you should carefully consider who you’ll bring with you and limit that group to include those who know you very well and trust you to make your decision.

• Consider that finances, family dynamics, body insecurities and measurements may be a part of this process, and make sure you are comfortable with anyone who may witness this before you extend an invitation.

• If you decide to limit your shopping group, you may always include the rest of the group for a gown reveal appointment at a later date when the pressure is off.

Prepare your people to better support you.

• It is important that you give your shopping companions some direction a few days prior to your appointment. Let them know what you like and what you don’t.

• Give them an idea of your budget so that they are mindful before suggesting something that is beyond that range.

• Remind them that you really want to find your gown, and if you do find it, you may want to say “yes” with all of them present rather than thinking about it or sleeping on it.

• Let them know that you’d really like their support on this day, and that you know they trust you to find the gown that is the best for you. You are not relying on them to do that job for you, or make a decision for you. You just want them there to enjoy the experience with you.

Amy and the Wedding Belles

Wedding Belles New Orleans was founded sixteen years ago with a focus of service and quality. While times have certainly changed, those standards have not. Amy and her team of belles create the exciting and memorable shopping experience you’ve been anticipating. It may look a little different right now with masks and gloves, but come prepared to make the most of it and enjoy every minute.