Photos courtesy Woman's Hospital.

Special delivery: Woman’s Hospital marks championship week with LSU Onesies

Long have images of newborn babies sleeping peacefully on newspapers circulated the Pinterest scene. And while first-days photoshoots are nothing out of the ordinary, these photos catch the eye because they place the child’s birth at a tangible time in history. Rather than blankets and other ethereal backdrops–we enjoy those photos too, though–these images take the opportunity to comment on the world that was going on outside of the hospital room on that all-important day.

This week, Woman’s Hospital is taking that sentiment a step further with commemorative LSU Onesies, which are being passed out to all babies born through the National Championship game next week, as well as to infants currently in the NICU. Bearing sayings like “How Bout Them Tigers Baby” and “Let’s Geaux Bebe,” Dana Vidrine, director of mother and baby services, says the onesies are just another example of the staff’s passion for making birth days more than just time spent in the hospital.

“In our excitement after the big win in the Peach Bowl, we knew we had to do something special for our babies here at Woman’s,” explains Vidrine. “The nursing leadership worked with our marketing team to come up with some ideas and ultimately brought them to life.”

Employing the help of Woman’s Hospital’s own print shop, enough Onesies were made to clothe babies through gameday, with special editions made for today, January 9, in honor of Joe Burrow and his No. 9 jersey.

“Families are calling the Onesie ‘their baby’s first LSU jersey!'” notes Vidrine. “We have families wear their own purple and gold to take pictures with their baby dressed in the ‘jersey.’ This has really been positive and fun for our patients and staff.”

However, Woman’s Hospital’s efforts aren’t limited to football seasons. The staff works year round to create special moments like these for babies and families, no matter what time of year baby decides to make his or her debut into the world.

“Every day is a special day for those delivering at Woman’s,” says Vidrine, pointing to the work of volunteers over Christmas to produce handmade stockings for newborns. “Our goal is to provide exceptional care to our patients, and provide a memorable experience that they will cherish forever.”

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