Sommelier: Roux Père and Fils Bourgogne Blanc

Varietal: White wine
Grape: Chardonnay
Geo: Burgundy, France
Winery: Domaine Roux Père & Fils

Sommelier-Roux PereFrench love affairs and perfect pairs often transcend the bounds of decadence. Grilled oysters and Roux Père & Fils Bourgogne Blanc provide that naughty yet sensational pairing between a Cajun’s true love for fresh seafood and his white Burgundy journey down ancestry lane. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing oaky. Just the enchantment of the evening, the terroir of the vineyard, and a wonderful honey-roasted hazelnut quality. Aged in stainless steel, this golden yellow wine is lemon-crisp fresh with a slightly buttered quality that cuts the acidity and enhances the elegance. And this easy-to-drink wine is relatively low in alcohol, which is very good if what they say about oysters is true. Of course I would love to be in Burgundy, but Mansurs on the Boulevard is la même chose with its char-grilled oyster bar and this Bourgogne served BTG. Or pick up a sack of oysters and a bottle of this white wine at Alexander’s Market. It’s a best value in the Chardonnay playbook.