Silver linings: Shiny new things for your spring entertaining

Has entertaining lost its luster? With the rise of casual dining and—dare we say—disposable cutlery, all that silver that was once coveted and routinely shined has sat tarnishing away in the depths of the overflowing china cabinet. This month, we’re proposing a revolution—a return to the elevated elegance of eating off a silver fork or serving from a silver platter, even if the displayed dishes are takeout from your favorite local, fast-casual eatery. Read on for just a few shining silver picks from local sources to update your collection.

1. Wallace Grand Baroque two-piece salad set, $260, Adler’s
2. Beatriz Ball “Latur” pitcher, $192, Texture
3. 19th-century French spoon and fork set, $495, Fireside Antiques
4. Vintage French wine bucket, $295, Fireside Antiques
5. Antique embossed teapot, $140, Inessa Stewart’s Antiques
6. Beatriz Ball “Vento Olanes” cake plate, $160, Texture
7. Reed & Barton “Paul Revere” bowl, $225, Rickey Heroman’s
8. Reed & Barton open baker, $200, Rickey Heroman’s