Cover photo by Mary Ellen Matthews

Our September cover story celebrates artist Ashley Longshore’s collaboration with LASM

What’s indestructible, thrives under pressure, and lights up the room? If you guessed “a diamond,” you’d be correct, but that’s not the only spot of brilliance that will catch your eye during the Louisiana Art & Science Museum’s 60th anniversary gala on September 30. The shining faces of 29 “Diamonds of History”—portraits of women who have made significant contributions to the world via art, science and activism—will be taking over the museum as part of New Orleans pop artist Ashley Longshore’s “Mighty Women” exhibition that will be on view until January 29, 2023.

In our September cover story, we’re diving into why this selection of portraits at LASM means so much to Longshore. We also outline what to expect at the museum’s historic anniversary celebration. Spoiler alert: Think diamonds!

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