SAMPLE [Sponsored] 4 things to check on your air conditioner to keep it cool this summer

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Summertime in Louisiana requires a functioning air conditioner. So when the unit goes on the fritz, most people immediately call their HVAC service company. But you might be able to fix the problem on your own, without having to pay for a professional visit.


We asked Joshua Davis, owner of AccuTemp Services, what can potentially be repaired without having to hire a pro. For more than a decade, Joshua and his team have been keeping Baton Rouge homes and businesses cool 24/7. “We hate the idea of our customers wasting money on needless visits,” Joshua says, “so we encourage all of our customers to go through this very basic list of potential issues before calling.”



Check the thermostat. You’d be amazed how often thermostat settings cause issues. It could be that a program schedule is set incorrectly, or that the batteries within simply need replacement. Also, make sure that your “fan setting” is set to “auto” and not “on.” This can save you from pulling in muggy outdoor air and increasing the humidity within your home.


Check your filters. HVAC filters should be changed frequently—especially during months of heavy use, like summer. If your HVAC unit doesn’t seem to be blowing enough air through the vents, you could just have a clogged filter. Regularly changing filters will help your HVAC system last longer and operate more efficiently.


Check the circuit breaker. If your system still isn’t working, check the circuit breakers or fuse box. Make sure fuses to the HVAC haven’t burned out or the circuit breakers haven’t been tripped. It is OK to reset the breaker the first time, but a continuously tripping breaker can be signs of a greater issue, such as faulty wiring or failing components.


Check the secondary pan. Often a clogged drain can cause your indoor unit to overflow into the secondary pan, which is located under the equipment in the attic or closet. A strong drain cleaner may treat the drain, and a Shop-Vac can be used to remove the water from the pan so that the unit can operate again.

“Regular HVAC maintenance is very important, and nearly 70% of repairs made are related to lack of maintenance,” Joshua says. “If you neglect your HVAC system, it will only be a matter of time before you have problems.” The best times of year for maintenance are spring and fall, between the busiest seasons. If you’re still not able to fix the issue after completing the checklist, or if your unit needs regular maintenance, contact Joshua and his team of experts at or 225-484-0900.