Aaron “Ronday” Day works on music at Cedarcrest Recording Studio. Photo by Collin Richie.

From ‘225’: Meet Baton Rouge’s next rising music artist Aaron ‘Ronday’ Day

Some voices captivate instantly, conveying heart, soul and emotion from the first words. When they sing sad songs, you feel low. When they belt out thrilling riffs, you can feel the melody in your body. Aaron “Ronday” Day does just that.

The 22-year-old local has a soft, melodic voice that complements the bass-heavy hip-hop and R&B beats he often sings over. While he is still an up-and-coming artist around town, his music is already making waves online.

The video for his single “Weekend,” shot in downtown Baton Rouge, racked up more than 9,000 views on YouTube. And he is not stopping anytime soon.

In January 2021, Day released his latest EP Musa Tape. The title is inspired by Mansa Musa, the tenth Mansa, or emperor, of the West African Mali Empire, who reigned from 1312 to 1337. He was known for being the wealthiest person in history.

“I write about my past, like my childhood—I witnessed a lot of death—and I write about my future, like money, wealth, Black independence, ownership and love,” Day says.

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