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Pregnant? There’s an app for that

Woman’s Hospital and Envoc, a Baton Rouge-based software company, are taking the guess work out of pregnancy and everything afterward with the new Woman’s Pregnancy & Baby app, now available in the app store. This app brings pregnancy journals to life with specialized educational content as well as logging features to track kicks, contractions, breastfeeding and pumping sessions, and more. The app’s creators say the union of these resources in one easy-to-use application allows mothers to eliminate unnecessary stressors and enjoy the miracle of motherhood in the healthiest way possible.

According to Woman’s Hospital Vice President of Perinatal Services Cheri Johnson, the app was born out of the desire to promote the health and wellness of both babies and mothers through the power of knowledge.

“Education is an essential part of a healthy pregnancy,” says Johnson. “The Woman’s Pregnancy app gives women accurate educational information on topics such as breastfeeding, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.”

Significantly, the inclusion of the breastfeeding tracker aims to increase the number of women who successfully breastfeed, as the practice offers advantages for both baby and mother, such as an increase in immune system function for infants as well as reduced chance of cancer in mothers. Features such as the breastfeeding tracker allow for a more streamlined means of keeping up the practice, while additional health information provides answers to the many questions that arise during the process.

In combining the needs of both mother and baby in one encompassing app, Woman’s Hospital and Evoc say they are bringing the insight of the best healthcare professionals to smartphones everywhere, delivering motherhood into the 21st century.

To download the app, search “Woman’s Pregnancy” in the Apple app store. And to learn more about the health and wellness programs offered through Woman’s Hospital, visit