Price George and Princess Charlotte head to St. Mary's Hospital hand-in-hand with Prince William to meet Prince Louis. AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

Pinkies up: Expert advice on dressing your children like royals

With the birth of another royal baby comes another chance for more American-turned-princess love stories in the future. And the first step toward becoming a royal, besides marrying one of course, is dressing the part. All you have to do channel your inner Kate Middleton–or Meghan Markle, since we’re assuming Archie has been donning some amazing looks, even if they have evaded onlooking eyes–and start styling your tot in traditional British fashion.

Anglophiles in Baton Rouge may be interested to know that local children’s boutique Oh Baby carries many looks and styles that are worn and inspired by the Windsor children. One of Kate’s favorite brands, Rachel Riley, often flies off the shelves at the boutique.

“We started carrying Rachel Riley for the last two seasons, and the line has been very well-received,” says Oh Baby owner Mary Lou James. “No longer do you have to go London or online to get this line.”

We met with James for some royal retail rules that will help your child dress like an heir. 

Soft colors are key.

Trendy colors never find their way into the Windsors’ closets. Instead, the Duchess tends to dress her three tots in navy, white, pink and blue. “The royals dress very conservatively, so it’s best to stick to colors that aren’t loud or in your face,” explains James.

At Oh Baby:

Photo by Sarah Favret.

On Prince George:

A smocked outfit is a staple.

Like many children in the South, British children are often decked out in smocked shirts and dresses. “Smocked apparel is fashionable both here and across the pond, mostly for infants and up to size 3T,” explains James. Smocked collars serve as a subtle detail that can instantly transform a basic look into something classic. Some of the royal toddlers’ most famous looks are completed with an embellished, smocked collar. 

At Oh Baby:

Photo by Sarah Favret.

On Prince Louis:

Cardigans as complements

Princess Charlotte can almost always be seen wearing a cardigan to tie her already adorable outfits together. “There is something about a little white cardigan that is so subtle and sweet,” says James. And although the Louisiana heat makes it hard to keep your little in long sleeves, these cute add-ons are great for the cooler months of fall and early spring. 

On Princess Charlotte:

Shoes should be simple.

As far as shoes go, the royal children aren’t typically spotted in Skechers or flip-flops. Most of their outfits are paired with Mary Janes, T-bars, and English sandals, all carried year round at Oh Baby. When deciding on shoes, it’s best to stick with traditional colors that don’t show much dirt. Although white shoes may look classic, they’re not very practical, and the Duchess takes note of that. 

At Oh Baby:

On Prince Louis:

If you chose to style your child in a royal-inspired look, be sure to share it and tag us on Instagram @inregister. And for more details on how to shop like the Duchess, visit Oh Baby in Bocage Village.