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Outside the box: Haute holiday wrappings

Admit it: when you were a kid, you tore the snowman-patterned paper off your Christmas presents with all the finesse of a hungry lion. As an adult, things are different: you’ve come to appreciate the care that your loved ones put into the entire gift-giving process—right down to the elegant wrapping. With so many artful resources now at our fingertips, it’s no longer necessary to stick to the same basic printed papers and stick-on bows. Find a little motivation for your own crafty packaging by viewing the uniquely decorated gifts on the following pages, all wrapped by creative Baton Rougeans. Never rip the wrap again! These pretty presents are made for admiring.


“When it comes to wrapping a present, I always try to make a statement. It represents me, and I get a sense of satisfaction knowing that the recipient will see the love, thought, and effort that went into it. I love textured fabrics, and being a couture fashion designer, I often wrap my gifts with them. I love intricately designed big bows, which I often find locally at Red Door Interiors. I always incorporate an ornament or a beautiful brooch with the bow. I’m obsessed with lions, so if I find a unique or vintage one, it would be the final touch.”
Pedram Pasha Taheri, Pedram Couture,


Steal-Johnson resized

“My stationery brand is spreading the love for paper and letterpress printing with designs reflecting simplicity and whimsy. This holiday wrap is a floral pattern of my own printed on 20 x 29-inch sheets, a new launch in my online shop along with the greenery and gift tags. I love the deep blue and white holiday floral, the subtle red in the baker’s twine, and the touch of green in the cedar. There’s no need to limit yourself to traditional color palettes. A subtle holiday version of your existing aesthetic is a
nice alternative.”
Hope Johnson, THE little BLUE CHAIR,


“There is nothing better than giving from the heart, and adding a little personal expression to your wrapping can make the gift that much more meaningful. Rice paper is a highly absorbent paper, perfect for watercolor or calligraphy, and comes on a roll that you can lay flat and just have fun with experimenting with colors. It’s a sure way to make each gift special and unique!”
Marie Brewer Powell, Brew branding and design firm,

Steal-Taylor resized

“Presentation is everything; it can take something simple and transform it into something elegant. Add a festive and sentimental touch by tying an ornament into your present’s bow. I wrapped my box in white paper and painted on a leopard print, my all-time favorite pattern, to make the wrapping its own work of art. When time and care is put into painting the paper itself, all you need is a simple, beautiful ribbon and ornament to finish off the present.”
Laura Welch Taylor, artist,


“This whimsical gift package is inspired by a perennial Christmas favorite, the candy cane peppermint stick. With its colorful over-the-top ribbon and candy-themed adornments, it can easily double as a tabletop decoration or centerpiece. The clear stripes on the box provide a glimpse at the glass candy ornaments inside. The entire package can be dismantled so that the ornaments can be used on a tree or wreath.”
Rod Miller, R & D Design,