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Old school: inRegister staff talks their favorite subjects

I miss going back to school. I miss the smell of new books and the excitement of new school supplies. I miss seeing my friends and sharing stories about my summer. And, dare I say it, I even miss summer reading. Is anyone else with me?

Riley Bienvenu. Photo courtesy Riley Bienvenu.

With school starting this week, I am left reflecting on all the years I took for granted, and resenting the children I see crying about heading back to the classroom. To get a little taste of back-to-school, I asked my inRegister coworkers what their favorite subjects in school were. See their responses below.

My own favorite subject was, and continues to be, history. I love learning about the way things used to be, and what lead us to where we are today. Plus, in my opinion, history teachers are always the most fun!

Ivana Oubre. Photo courtesy Ivana Oubre.

“Science was my favorite! Chemistry was a best in high school, but mixing things and wondering if they would blow up was fun! Although this didn’t involve anything blowing up, I remember being able to chew cinnamon gum in class for an experiment. After a certain amount of time, we weighted a non-chewed piece and a chewed piece of gum. The chewed piece weighed less! Why? We had been chewing out and swallowing the sugar. Besides all the experiments, I thoroughly enjoyed earth and biology science. There is great wonder and imagination in learning about the world around you and what’s beyond.” – Ivana Oubre, audience development coordinator

“Mine was, of course, art! In high school, I had art for homeroom so we were always winning the spirit competitions during football season.” – Melanie Samaha, production director

Liz Firesheets. Photo courtesy Liz Firesheets.

“My favorite subject in school was creative writing. I’ve always loved to write, and it was a great creative outlet.” – Liz Firesheets, account executive

“I took a web mastering class at Baton Rouge High School–around 2006–that helped strengthen my passion for web development, and put me on the path to where I am today professionally.” – James Hume, digital manager

James Hume (left). Photo courtesy James Hume.

Abby Hutchinson. Photo courtesy Abby Hutchinson.

“My favorite subject in school was always English. I loved to read and write, but the main reason it was my favorite was because of my teachers. From elementary school all the way through college, I always felt that my English teachers were the most passionate about teaching their subject. They always made me more motivated to learn!” – Tiffany Durocher, business associate

“My favorite subject was English when I was little, but that’s mainly due to the fact that my favorite teacher taught it to me. Shout out to Mrs. Pellerin–the greatest to this day.” -Abby Hutchinson, advertising coordinator

“History! I just loved reading up about historical stuff. Now, I just do it on Wikipedia.” – Liz Walsh, account executive

“That is an easy one for me! Choir! I was able to spend two hours a day with people who loved music, and the best part? Performing!” – Cathy Brown, receptionist

Rachel LaPorte. Photo courtesy Rachel LaPorte.

“My favorite subject in school was math, as it was my best subject. It just clicked because I like numbers and problem solving.” – Rachel LaPorte, account executive

Oddly enough, my favorite subject in high school was math. It cam so easy to me, and I never had to try too hard. At LSU, it was definitely psychology. Two years into my degree, I added a minor in psychology so I could take extra classes for fun to learn more about it.” – Emily Witt, graphic designer

Emily Witt (left in the front row). Photo courtesy Emily Witt.

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