Brandee and Rhett Sandusky are first-time foster parents who have been caring for the baby girl in their care since she was just 2 weeks old. Photo by Jeannie Frey Rhodes.

From the November Issue: No child left behind

A new generation of foster parents is emerging in the Baton Rouge community. These young people, some already with families of their own, are opening their homes and hearts to the many children who need them in the hopes of reuniting families and creating a stronger community.

“There were things going on in our city–crime, homelessness, human trafficking–that we would complain about, but we weren’t doing anything about it,” says Brandon Craft, who has three biological daughters with his wife Cherith. “We realized that by fostering, we might not be able to change all those things, but we could make an impact on one person.”

And by sharing their stories throughout countless venues, the three families profiled in inRegister’s November cover story are hoping to inspire others to action by showing just how big of a need there is in the community for loving homes with parents ready to give their all, regardless of the temporary nature of the arrangement.

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