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From ‘225’: Dyeing Easter eggs the natural way

These days, relying less on mass-produced products and more on readily available natural elements for our arts, crafts, or even just everyday living, has become less of a trend and more of a genuinely good time—especially during the holidays. Anyone who has spent Easter with children, for example, has taken part in the sometimes-messy tradition of egg dyeing, using drips and drops to create vibrant shades of blue, red, green and the like. But other, softer colors may be yet found on the shelves of local shops (and we don’t mean the toy aisle).

As nature’s bounty would have it, berries, veggies and herbs from Red Stick Farmers MarketsSouthside Produce Market and Red Stick Spice Company still lend the perfect pastel hue to many an Easter egg, whether from the finger-staining power of turmeric or the elegance of red wine.

To learn more about the exact ingredients needed to honor a more holistic egg-dyeing tradition, check out the full story from 225.