Photo by Jeannie Frey Rhodes

My Favorite Things: Rachael Slaughter

President, Orion Laboratories

Photo courtesy Camp Kahdalea

Guilty pleasure: At work, I always have dark chocolate at my desk as a little pick-me-up.

Childhood memory: Summers at Camp Kahdalea in North Carolina

TV show: Gilmore Girls

Way to spend $20: Magazines in the airport before a flight

Song on my playlist: Forever on my playlist is Dave Matthews Band. Cardi B for workouts and Yacht Rock radio for car rides.

Class in high school: Biology

Item in my wardrobe: Five days a week it’s FIGS scrubs and Golden Goose sneakers.

Excuse to indulge: Every visit to Superior Grill. Chips, salsa and margaritas!

Way to unwind: Glass of wine with good company on my porch swing

Way to spend a Saturday morning: At a destination spa with a cup of coffee or a mimosa. Certainly not my typical Saturday but one can dream.

Time of year: Autumn because of the crisp weather and all things pumpkin

Concert I ever attended: Red Hot Chili Peppers in New Orleans supporting those affected by Hurricane Katrina

Hidden talent: Hosting a garage sale

Perfume: Can we say cologne? I love the smell of my husband’s cologne!

Out-of-town destination: Europe. California is always a good time too!

Place to have a shopping spree: Paris, France

App on my smartphone: HiMama. The app where school posts photos and updates of my daughter during the day. It’s so fun to get those little messages while I’m at work.

Talent I wish I had: Gardening