My Favorite Things: Kasra Khalili

CEO of Mintor, Chapter director of Startup Grind, Owner of Denham Patty

Place for lunch: The Overpass Merchant

Locale for date night: Olive or Twist

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Read for 30 minutes

TV show: Fargo

Way to spend $20: Always throwing my extra money into stocks or crypto

Class in high school: History

Way to get myself moving in the morning: Playing music

Childhood memory: My first art show

Song on my playlist: “Feel No Ways” by Drake

Guilty Pleasure: A bag of green onion Chee Wees

Website to kill some time: Product Hunt

Book: The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

Concert I ever attended: Twenty One Pilots

App on my smartphone: Superhuman

Excuse to indulge: Hitting the top 3 goals I set every week

Most treasured possession: A necklace given to me by my dad, Amir Khalili

Out-of-town Destination: New York City

Idea of perfect happiness: Undistracted time with my fiancée on a Sunday. Everything else was working to earn this.

My motto for life: Life is about what you focus on. The focus you give defines your life.