Amy Rabalais, Anna Trimble & Mary Pesses. Photo by Collin Richie.

From the March issue: Three moms team up to solve the issue of what’s for dinner

Going to work, spending time with your family, having a social life and making sure dinner is on the table by six every night is a balance that seems impossible to achieve. Defying the odds, three Baton Rouge moms created a supper swapping system that has made their lives easier for the past two-and-a-half years.

With Mary Pesses delivering on Monday, Anna Trimble on Tuesday and Amy Rabalais on Thursday, these working moms take turns creating delicious home-cooked meals for each other’s families. This supper co-op allows each family to have the privilege of sitting down at the table together for dinner every night. Among the three of them, Pesses, Trimble and Rabalais have eight kids under the age of 10 that need to be satisfied by the menu for the week. Trimble’s “Country Captain Chicken,” Rabalais’ pork tenderloin, and Pesses’ chicken pot pie are a few of the crowd favorites among the families.

Not only does this benefit their busy schedules and family life, but it also brings them closer together as friends. “The co-op makes our lives so much easier and keeps us connected to each other,” says Pesses. The three are always understanding if anything happens, and the expectations are never too high. “It all works out in the end,” adds Rabalais.

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