Photos by Pam Kaster

Mane event: Pam Kaster, fine art equine photography

How and why did you get started photographing horses?

Horses have been my favorite animal since I was a kid. I read about them, collected toy horses, drew pictures of them, wrote poetry and stories about them, and have been fortunate to own horses most of my life. So when I got interested in photography about 20 years ago, horses were a natural subject for me.

What do you love about this type of photography? 

My very favorite images are the ones that illustrate the human-horse bond. I also enjoy teaching equine photography workshops to other photographers. But most important, photography is another way I can explore my relationship with these magnificent animals.

What elements or qualities are you trying to capture in your equine photos?   

I am fascinated with the ways the lines and curves of a horse express strength and grace. Deeply flexed back legs clearly demonstrate power. A curved neck covered by a flowing mane displays elegance. I prefer to keep my images of horses simple and classic so their bodies can convey the emotions that captured my interest.

Can you share a memorable photo assignment?

I was leading a workshop for some 4-H photographers at Gray Ranch in Vinton. A cowboy returned to the barn as we were taking photos. I saw him lead his horse through the barn and noticed the perfect silhouette of a working cowboy with his horse. Even though I’m certain he was tired from a full day in the saddle, he was kind enough to lead his horse through the barn several times so all the young photographers had the chance to take pictures of him.

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