Catherine O’Brien has been producing local podcasts since 2015, with one of her past projects being Friends of the Animals’ Pawcast podcast. “In my opinion, there’s no better way to bring stories to an audience,” she says. Photo by Collin Richie.

Listen up: Local podcasts bring Baton Rougeans into the conversation

While Lady Gaga’s latest song is catchy, hearing it over and over on various streaming services while stuck in traffic or cleaning the house isn’t an ideal way to pass the time. For the past few years, a new form of entertainment has moved onto the scene, offering interesting and authentic dives into both well-known and obscure topics. Today, the number of podcasts produced in the Capital City is growing faster than ever.

“Podcasts are a unique medium,” explains Catherine O’Brien, founder of Branch Out Programs, a Baton Rouge company that produces podcasts. “One of the best things about podcasts is that there is a podcast for every interest. Comedy, food, politics, travel, meditation, fitness, business—you name it, there’s a podcast for it.”

On the local scene, podcasts occupy a special space by allowing business owners, moms and other likeminded people to establish connections on a much smaller scale. For example, during the COVID-19 outbreak, O’Brien launched the Red Stick Strong podcast, which gives local businesses a direct line to the community, allowing them to easily get information out about how they’ve adapted and what they hope the future holds.

“I’ve been moved by the support I’ve received in Baton Rouge,” says O’Brien. “The things that are special about Baton Rouge are the same things that are special about podcasting here. I just want to encourage everyone to explore all the amazing podcasts that are out there.”

Turn the page to learn about just a few local podcasts that are worth the listen.

Real Life, Real Crime

Woody Overton and Jim Rathmann aren’t your run-of-the-mill crime enthusiasts. Each has lived the investigations that intrigue listeners today, as they recount the cases they experienced firsthand with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, the State Police and even the Secret Service.

Messy Mom Magic

Photo courtesy Messy Mom Magic.

Friends and fellow moms Chrissy Roussel and Stephanie Crawford invite listeners into their inner circle for weekly conversations about the realities of motherhood and raising kids today. No topic is off the table as they tackle their questions and concerns.

Bigfoot, King of the Forest

Jeff and Sara Loquist take listeners on walks to the wild side with their show, which focuses on Bigfoot and other cryptozoological creatures. Do they exist?
Decide for yourself.

It’s About Time

The fabled work-life balance is brought under the microscope as Anna Dearmon Kornick talks productivity, time management and more, all while sharing personal stories of mishaps, successes and learning moments.

The Quizzical Papist

The Catholic faith is so much more than mass, and Rev. Brad Doyle is on a mission to spark curiosity. Through trivia and “coffee talk” episodes, the podcast delves into everything from politics to history to chemistry.

Hustle Humbly

Realtors Alissa Jenkins and Katy Caldwell are hoping to create #CommunityOverCompetition one listener at a time. Their podcast focuses on navigating the real estate industry with confidence and kindness.


Fitness isn’t reserved for the gym only. FRESHJUNKIE Racing’s Mike Wattigny brings a healthy dose of inspiration with interviews featuring fellow endurance sport enthusiasts.

Confessions of a Crappy Christian

Weaknesses become strengths on Blake Guichet’s podcast. Through interviews with other Christians, she takes an unpretentious look at religiosity and self-love.


Aspiring chefs, foodies and novices alike can learn something from Red Stick Spice Company owner Anne Milneck’s podcast where she covers everything from stocking the pantry to cooking meals for the whole family.

Tiger Pride

From inRegister’s sister publication 225 magazine, this podcast, hosted by Mark Clements and Jerit Roser, gives listeners the inside scoop on everything LSU football. Released weekly during the fall season, the show features interviews with players, game insights and more.

Slow Your Scroll

Local influencer Krystal Faircloth is bringing fellow social media stars away from their feeds with a podcast aimed at providing helpful tips while breaking down the perception of perfection.