At 19,800 followers, Gus has one of the most popular pet Instagram accounts in the city. Photo by Keaton DuBois.

Local Instagram pets to add to your feed

If you love animals, it’s likely that your Instagram feed is already filled with the leagues of famous dogs, cats, hedgehogs, pigs and more that update daily. Offering a fun break from hard-hitting and often disheartening news, pets are taking over the Internet. Hailing from around the world, these accounts not only offer a glimpse into the lives of these cherished family members, but also the cities and breeds they represent.

Eager to see the Capital City through the eyes of its furry friends, we rounded up a list of just a few of the most popular local pets that you can find on Instagram:

Gus @gusthebulldog17

Breed: English bulldog

One of the most famous Insta-pets in the Baton Rouge area, Gus has a killer underbite and has been photographed in nearly every part of town. Not one to dwell inside for too long, Gus’ mom and manager Keaton DuBois says that he has become a full-fledged celebrity, getting recognized on walks and trips to the vet.

“He loves people and getting attention, so it makes me smile when I see him happy and adored,” notes DuBois.

As for Gus’ keys to fame, they don’t all lie in his wrinkles. DuBois says a pet Instagram is a fun way to get creative and spend time with your pet, but it also requires a lot of work.

“My advice to new pet account handlers would be to use a good camera,” explains DuBois, who says the key to a good dog photo lies in the props behind the camera like balls and treats, which grab the pet’s attention. “Also, tag as many pet accounts in your photos as possible. When @dogsofinstagram reposted Gus, he gained 2,000 followers in one day.”

Lucy @lucy_the_mermutt

Breed: Golden retriever

Lucy is part dog, part fish. Her owners are camera experts who capture underwater angles of Lucy diving for her toys in the family’s pool. Notably, Lucy was recognized as Garden & Gun’s “2015 Good Dog” and was also featured on an Apple iPhone billboard.

Mike VII @mikethetiger_lsu

Breed: Tiger

While Mike is not a pet in the strictest sense, he is a Baton Rouge sweetheart and, while we likely will never get close enough to know, he seems like a big fan of a head rub. His Instagram gives a behind-the-scenes look at his life in his over-the-top habitat on LSU’s campus. Our favorite posts are those that show the big cat snacking on meat artfully composed into opposing teams’ logos.

Shiloh @shilohkerrofficial

Breed: Goldendoodle

Shiloh splits her time between Baton Rouge and scenic Maine, so her posts feature an abundance of nature and a little of the unfamiliar. Her adventures feature other furry friends, as well as sunsets and the occasional hike.

Raising Cane III @raisingcane3

Breed: Labrador retriever

The adorable face of the much-loved chicken franchise Raising Cane’s, this yellow lab is the company’s third mascot. Her social media shows the behind-the-scenes action of not just the fried chicken business, but her best friend Roux and her owners, the Graves family. In addition to her business savvy, Cane is also an aspiring therapy dog who will one day bring comfort and wet kisses to people across the city.

Zoey @zoey_the_fluffdoodle

Breed: Mini goldendoodle

Goldendoodles seem to be taking over the city. Zoey is another doodle with plenty of local adventures to show her followers. Recently, Zoey has gone where no dog has gone before, becoming an expert acrobat at GymFit.

Mini Pearl @minipearltheminihorse

Breed: Miniature horse

Mini Pearl isn’t your average pet. This 16-year-old miniature horse isn’t kept in a stable, however. Rather, she lives in the backyard in her own personal house, with access to her mom Lauren Barksdale Hill’s house through custom-made doors. Her account is filled with her human and animal friends, as well as her occasional transformation into a unicorn.

Charlie @doodledownthebayou

Breed: Goldendoodle

The final doodle of our roundup is Charlie, who specializes in any and every South Louisiana activity. He is known to be seen around New Orleans or on a boat in Pierre Part.

Did we forget someone on this list? Tag our Instagram page @inregister to show us what other pets should be on our radar.