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You’ve seen his work around town. Learn about German artist Simon Röhlen in our April cover story

The first time German artist Simon Röhlen made the trip from Europe to the United States, his destination was none other than Baton Rouge. An unlikely choice, some might say. But the graffiti artist was drawn to the Capital City by the team at Ann Connelly Fine Art.

In the years since that initial meeting, Röhlen has made countless trips to Baton Rouge, creating art that not only adorns the inside of people’s homes but also the exterior of buildings like Overpass Merchant. His signature, winding style is nearly impossible to escape around town. There’s more than meets the eye, though.

Our April cover story uncovers the inspirations and motivations behind the renowned artist’s memorable and heartfelt works. On buildings in France, hotels in Shanghai, and even a goalpost for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the bold lines of Röhlen’s work have spread across the world. But the lasting relationship that Röhlen has with the Capital City speaks to the deep connection that is forged through the creation of art.

Get a glimpse into the life of Röhlen and his connection to Baton Rouge in our April cover story here.