Photo by Kristina Britt.

Home remedy: Concierge medicine for kids

Decades ago, before most families owned cars or caught buses into cities sky-high with hospitals, a sick child meant a house call. Perhaps the neighborhood doctor would arrive in a full suit and monocle. Or later on, in smart heels and a white coat. Maybe even in a carriage pulled by horses, with a carpetbag clinking with potions.

These days, much has changed, but a trip to the nearest doctor’s office isn’t quite without drawbacks. Taking time off from work or school is difficult for many parents, and catching new illnesses in a waiting room full of other sniffling children isn’t exactly the quickest way back to the office. As a mother and board-certified pediatrician, Kortney West knows all about the added stressors that come with modern medicine, so she looked back in time for the inspiration for West Pediatrics, her own concierge medical practice focused on young patients.

“What that means is that I can provide 24/7 health care to children right in their own home,” says West, who began accepting patients in January. “I can prescribe medicine, perform tests and give vaccinations just like a doctor in a hospital would, and in cases where I don’t need to physically examine a child, I can still do ‘tele-medicine’ and talk with parents via FaceTime or Skype. It gives parents peace of mind, and helps me take care of patients on a much more personal level.”

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