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Knock Knock Children’s Museum supplies parents with digital resources for difficult times

Back-to-school season can be difficult enough, but thanks to the added pressure of Hurricane Ida’s impact (not to mention the continued influence of COVID-19), families are struggling to maintain routines. Ida brought road closures, gas shortages, damage to neighborhoods and power outages throughout south Louisiana, and even though Baton Rouge has regained power, many families across the state grapple with life without electricity and other essentials.

With little ones at home, the aftermath can seem even more strenuous. Keeping young children focused and entertained during this time has proven to be more difficult than anticipated, and finding a roadmap that works for each family can be challenging. Organizations like the Knock Knock Children’s Museum recognize this, which is why the museum—recently reopened after its Ida-related power outage—has created a resource guide in hopes of helping parents who need some assistance.

From strategies for preschool teachers to tips for helping children cope with disaster, the items in the list showcase not just the ways adults can help the children in their lives, but the ways in which children can bounce back after even the most unexpected setback.

To learn more about the Helping Children Rebound Guide or the Parents Resource Guide, visit and