Joey’s jars

A young philanthropist in Baton Rouge is nickel-and-diming his way to making a difference.

Seven-year-old Joey Roth says math is one of his favorite subjects. He understands it takes millions of dollars to build a hospital. Yet he also believes that every donation to charity, whether big or small, can make a difference.

So Joey started setting aside the change he found on the ground.

“I asked Joey why he was putting the change into a jar instead of his piggy bank,” says his mother Deborah Sternberg. “He said that he was donating change he found to the babies at Woman’s Hospital.”

Joey, with the help of his parents, Sternberg and Michael Roth, established JAR for Change at the end of the summer to encourage others to donate as well. He has placed jars in numerous Baton Rouge businesses, encouraging community members to donate any loose change they have.

Punning on Joey’s initials, JAR for Change has raised about $2,000 for Woman’s Hospital and has benefited babies in the NICU. Most all donations received have been in the form of spare change.

Joey’s goal? “To change the world with change,” he says.

Roth says he envisions philanthropy becoming a common practice for children all over the world.

“When they grow up, imagine what a better world we’d have as a result,” he says.

One can only imagine the good his compassionate son Joey will ultimately do, since this Episcopal second-grader has already changed the lives of many in Baton Rouge. One nickel and dime at a time.

To take part in JAR for Change, set up your own jars, and download a starter kit, visit