Photo by Sean Gasser

Inside Mid City Mercantile, a new shop and salon for art, interiors and beauty appointments

Mid City’s latest gem opened on Government Street last month: Mid City Mercantile, an all-purpose space for gifts, clothes, decor—and even hair and nail maintenance.

Owner Kimberly Abel says the idea for the store came about when her son Ian graduated from cosmetology school. “We just brainstormed and came up with this unique place,” Abel says.

The shop, which opened to the public in June, sells home decor, an assortment for knick-knacks for gift-giving occasions, and vintage clothing. It also includes multiple rooms for independent stylists to work on clients’ hair, as well as one room dedicated to manicures and pedicures. Salon appointments are booked through each stylist.

With Abel’s son as her business partner, her daughter working as a seasonal employee when she’s not in school, and some of the nail and hair stylists employed as longtime friends of Abel’s, she says it’s a true family-and-friends operation.

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