Photo via Barefoot Blonde.

inRegister staffers share Christmas Eve traditions

There are few traditions more sacred than those of a family at Christmastime. Whether established decades ago, or just one year prior, the moments that compose each holiday are those that are often held closest the heart. We asked the inRegister team to learn more about the ways their families spend Christmas eve together. Read on to see what they said:

“Every Christmas Eve, we go to the candlelight service at our church, followed by an evening of gumbo and unwrapping presents at my parents’ house. Wrapping paper is everywhere and the children, along with all their cousins, are delighted.” – Ashley Gordon, Publisher & Editor

Gordon’s parents and most of their grandkids. Photo courtesy Ashley Gordon.

“Every Christmas Eve after church, my family orders a Chick-Fil-A nugget platter and we all eat an unnecessary amount of nuggets and gumbo. This year, we’re starting a new tradition where everyone, including significant others and pets, wear matching pajamas!” – Gracie Fletcher, Graphic Designer

“We spend most of the day in the kitchen making cookies and other Christmas goodies. Then, after going to church and opening presents with extended family, we head home, put on our matching pajamas, and drink hot apple cider while we read The Night Before Christmas.” – Kelli Bozeman, Managing Editor

Bozeman (center) with her family. Photo courtesy Kelli Bozeman.

“This picture isn’t the best quality but it’s a very accurate depiction of our Christmas!” Photo courtesy Abby Hutchinson.

“It’s become a tradition in my family to watch Elf and open one gift on Christmas Eve–even though I usually get handed the gift that I picked out myself. The element of getting a present just a few hours early always seems to be exciting, no matter how old I get.” – Abby Hutchinson, Advertising Coordinator

“After church every Christmas Eve, I open one present from my parents, which is now just my dad. Christmas morning is all Santa–yes, I’m 45.” – Jill Stokeld, Advertising Sales Director

“All the women in my family do matching pajamas and a Christmas Eve sleepover.” – Liz Firesheets, Account Executive

Firesheets (far left) and her family. Photo courtesy Liz Firesheets.

Witt in her coveted onesie. Photo courtesy Emily Witt.

“Growing up, we would always watch the A Christmas Story marathon on Christmas Day while unwrapping gifts. My dad would always make a big deal about not watching it when the marathon started on Christmas Eve. We had to wait until the morning. It was kind of silly at the time, but I still do it to this day. I also used to wear this one particular onesie every Christmas Eve, but I lost it in the 2016 flood. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one to replace it so hopefully I’ll be able to start that tradition again next year!” – Emily Witt, Graphic Designer

“For my family, Christmas Eve is even more special than Christmas Day. We spend the entire day together and end it with a night of steak, Champagne, matching pajamas and, of course, Elf. My dad is from New Iberia so he digs up his best Cajun accent to read us all The Cajun Night Before Christmas before we head to bed to wait for Santa.” – Riley Bienvenu, Community Writer

Bienvenu (second from the right) with her family and all of their dogs. Photo courtesy Riley Bienvenu.

Clements (back row, second from left) and his family. Photo courtesy Mark Clements.

“Every Christmas Eve, my Uncle Joe makes an enormous pot of gumbo and we all head over there after church to indulge. It’s fantastic. The next day, my mom always gets my dad one of those giant bottles of Hendrix gin and my family makes it their Christmas mission to ensure it is empty by the end of the day.” – Mark Clements, Digital Media Editor

“My favorite Christmas Eve tradition is watching White Christmas and making spritz cookies. My two sisters, my mom and I all loudly sing along to the “Sisters” song and dance act. Our poor dad!” – Melinda Gonzalez, Graphic Designer

Gonzalez (far right) and her family. Photo courtesy Melinda Gonzalez.