Photos courtesy Lexie Polito.

House party: Birthday celebration ideas for during the pandemic

While many aspects of regular life have been put on hold–school, work, sports, concerts–milestones like birthdays still inevitably take place, though not necessarily as originally planned. But those special days don’t have to pass in an uneventful daze. Rather, we think this is an opportunity to get creative.

Arabella’s Gourmet Girls cake included Cheer Bear, perhaps the best Care Bear to channel during quarantine.

Lexie Polito, the party visionary behind Lexie Land, recently hosted a ninth birthday celebration for her daughter, Arabella, during the stay-at-home order. And while it wasn’t the slumber party they had originally planned, according to Polito, the day wasn’t half bad.

“I know that Arabella was expecting disappointment,” Polito explains. “So I filled the day with surprises and I think she ended up having a great time.”

We caught up with her for some ideas for bringing socially distanced birthday dreams to life. Read on for some of her ideas:

SIGNed, Sealed, Delivered

Polito enlisted the help of Sign Gypsies to create her first surprise for Arabella. The family’s front yard was filled with a sea of blue, pink and purple, declaring to any passing neighbors the significance of the day, along with some of Arabella’s favorite things.

Float On

Is there anything more quintessentially “birthday” than balloons? We think not. But lately, over-the-top balloon creations have taken the place of simple bouquets. Arabella was surprised with a teal and gold arch thanks to her godmother.

To assemble one of your own, we suggest heading to Pinterest for some inspiration and maybe a tutorial or two. However, if you’re already running low on time and patience, balloon artists around Baton Rouge aren’t too hard to find.

On Parade

Polito says one of the best parts of the day was a surprise drive-by “parade” she organized with some of Arabella’s friends and family.

“I brought her outside saying we were going to set up a picnic for just the three of us,” Polito explains. “Then all of them came around the corner honking horns and holding posters wishing Arabella a happy birthday. She was so excited to see familiar faces. It warmed my heart.”

To organize your own parade, just choose a specific time and send it out to everyone. Then stand in the front yard and enjoy. Polito went a step further by offering Superior Grill margaritas to moms who stopped by.

Face It

What’s a birthday party without blowing out the candles? Polito arranged for Arabella to make wishes with her extended family over FaceTime.

“The idea is to make the day as normal as possible,” she says. “I think another important thing to remember, though, is that it means a lot to both sides: the child and the family. They just want to offer support and love.”

What creative ways have you been celebrating during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below or by tagging us on Instagram.