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At-home skin care advice from the experts

We know a day out in the sun, whether it be by the pool or on the beach, isn’t complete without a little UV protection. However, many people may not realize that while we are all spending spring break at home, our skin still appreciates some SPF.

Wearing an everyday sunscreen is good for protecting your skin from the sun during all those walks you’re taking these days, but certain sunscreen formulations–especially those containing iron oxide–can also help protect skin from the harmful blue light that beams off of phone, tablet and computer screens. Like the sun, blue light has been linked to damaging and prematurely aging skin. For this reason, dermatologists all over the world have been trying to educate people on the harmful effects of blue light screens and the importance of everyday sunscreen use.

We spoke with Taylor Presley, an aesthetician with The Dermatology Clinic, to find out the clinic’s favorite SPF-filled product, so that we can all come out of this quarantine with beautiful, ageless-looking skin.

“Our dermatologists really love the EltaMD products, especially the EltaMD UV Clear face sunscreen,” explains Presley. “We always recommend using products with a SPF of 35 and over for the best coverage.”

For anyone needing a little extra UV or blue light protection without leaving the house, The Dermatology Clinic carries a wide variety of EltaMD products on its website.

For more information on how to protect your skin, check out The Dermatology Clinic’s website here