Dried florals, books and more are available at Baton Rouge Succulent Company. Photo courtesy Baton Rouge Succulent Company.

Deck the halls with these local gift-worthy home goods

While we’re all snuggled up at the end of the day, draped in knit blankets and relaxing in the glow of golden lights, it’s nice to remember all the hard work that goes into creating a home for the holidays—and thanking those who welcome us in with open arms. Whether gifting Grandma the perfect piece for her decades-old bookshelves or offering a small present for a family’s first home, we thought we’d round up some gift-worthy home goods you can find around town.


We’re always willing to saddle up for a show-stopping—yet practical—piece of décor. These equestrian bookends by Studio C at The Foyer may be just the thing for lending a bit of elegance to that lingering stack of TBR hardbacks.


They say that scent is one of the strongest summoners of memory, so we suggest smelling all the NEST New York options at Peregrin’s Home Store to pick the wick that’ll call back this season for years to come.


If you’re tired of kids and partners mistaking your towel for theirs—no matter how carefully you always hang it on its designated rung—Custom Linens has proffered a solution that also works as a snuggly Christmas surprise.


Keep the stovetops sizzling in style with these Louisiana-inspired potholders designed by local artist Sharon Furrate Bailey for Mosaic Garden. Let no cast iron apple crisp go mishandled.


“Polly put the kettle on, we’ll all have some tea.” The English may have the upper hand in nursery rhymes and proper preparation of delightful hot drinks, but Red Stick Spice Company is keeping American kitchens in the loop with a stock of Smeg electric kettles.


While fresh bouquets are nice for a while, a dried bunch will hold its shape all winter long. Pop one into a Baton Rouge Succulent Co. vase and set it alongside a floral-themed coffee table book and you’ve got yourself a seating area prepped for all seasons.


The texture of a room can go far beyond a sense of touch—with these hand-mixed room sprays from The Hope Shop, we anticipate holiday spaces scented with a sense of warmth we hope to provide our guests.

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