Forth founder Elle Overholt works to help young jobseekers make an impact in the online world. Photo by Olivia Gulino.

Hire learning: Elle Overholt’s passion is helping others find their dream professions

Applying for a job can be like going on a blind date. Dropping resume after resume into an online portal creates a horrible mix of uncertainty, anxiety and often rejection.

“Can you imagine going on 100 blind dates in a year and after each one the person said ‘no thanks’?” asks Elle Overholt. “Your mindset and your self-confidence would be at zero.”

Overholt is making it her mission to help people overcome what can often be a painstaking process. As the owner of Forth, she specializes in helping recent college graduates and young professionals get hired and hopefully, in the process, discover a profession they love.

“I want to fill that unforeseen gap between college and career that so many young people get stuck in when they graduate,” Overholt explains.

With her Forth Get Hired method, Overholt helps college students and young adults break into their desired career fields by working with them one on one to showcase their talents and experience to potential employers. That assistance ranges from help with writing resumes and networking emails to coaching on interviews and public speaking. When she relocated from Atlanta to Baton Rouge in 2018 and started her business, she discovered it was just what Baton Rouge employers and graduates were looking for.

“Both employers and students were using online job portals but weren’t set up for success,” she explains. “I’m able to bridge that gap with the Forth Get Hired Method.”

In March, when faced with stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Overholt saw an opportunity to pivot from her one-on-one mentoring to develop an online boot camp. After her first session in May with 12 participants, eight of them quickly got hired.

With millions of Americans out of work because of the pandemic, Overholt says now is actually the perfect time to revamp your resume or go through a program like the Forth Get Hired Boot Camp. “It will help you set yourself apart from the pack in this competitive job market.”

Overholt also hosts a podcast called “So … What Do You Do?” where she interviews people from a variety of 9-to-5 professions. She hopes this will help clients and listeners alike discover new career opportunities.

This spring, parents around the country celebrated in living rooms and front yards as their children graduated college entering a job market with more than 20 million Americans unemployed.

“Every parent can relate to the emotions that comes with graduation when you are helping your child get their parachute ready, because they are about to jump,” Overholt says. “I find great success when students realize they are not alone making that jump. This is one more resource to get them the success they’ve been dreaming of.”