Photo by Collin Richie

Helping hand: Bri Boudreaux’s concierge service

Most of us don’t want to leave a long day at the office to do laundry or clean the dishes at home. Luckily, there’s something better than an app for that: self-proclaimed “Jane of all trades” Bri Boudreaux. Her concierge service, Simple Living, is all about taking the work out of the workday.

“I do whatever it takes to simplify my clients’ lives,” promises Boudreaux.

This makes for a varied week for Boudreaux. Kick off your shoes, honey: she’ll do the laundry, pick up a couple of packages, and zip to The Big Squeezy for your favorite Daily Detox. No task is too big or too small for Boudreaux, who doesn’t mind being a busy bee.

“Seeing a client smile—it makes my job so much better,” says Boudreaux.

Simple Living was inspired by a concierge service Boudreaux used in Orange Beach, Alabama, when planning her wedding. “I realized how much they helped me de-stress,” she says.

With someone taking care of the details, she says her time was freed up to focus on the moments that really mattered.

“Whatever you need that is stressing you out,” says Boudreaux, “I can take care of it.”