Dr. Hanna Borne Green with her dog Tripp. Photo by Collin Richie.

Healing touch: Dr. Hanna Borne Green brings relief to Baton Rouge pets

Legend has it that when caring for military horses, the Chinese discovered that hitting the animal in specific locations with an arrow would alleviate suffering. Thousands of years later, veterinary acupuncture has made its way to the Capital City. And, despite much skepticism, Dr. Hanna Borne Green has seen real results in her growing practice.

“Acupuncture and energy healing is not new,” says Green, who has been working to relieve animal pain through this holistic approach for nearly three years. “As it grew in popularity for humans, it was only logical that owners would want the same treatment for their pets.”

With a massage-therapist mother, Green has spent her whole life immersed in the practices of both Eastern and Western medicine. So even in her first-year veterinary class, she knew immediately that she would incorporate acupuncture into her professional life. While she acknowledges that there are skeptics, she tries not to burden herself with the details of their disbelief.

“I don’t put pressure on myself to prove what’s real,” says Dr. Green. “With people, yeah, it can be mind over matter, but with dogs, there is no placebo effect. There is no denying when a severely arthritic dog starts walking around again.”

And as veterinary acupuncture continues to make its way into practices across Baton Rouge, Green hopes that pet owners will open their minds to what could be the key to relief for dogs, cats, reptiles and birds alike.

“My advice is to be open and give it a chance,” says Green. “Every animal responds differently, but there is a possibility of really enhancing a pet’s quality of life.”