Don’t leave it to the ladies. Here are some guys’ night activities to try in Baton Rouge

The concept of the girls’ night has long been characterized as a wine-fueled night on the town, traipsing to bars and restaurants (or just a girlfriend’s couch in front of a chick flick). There will be gossip. There will be many trips down memory lane. But who’s to say that men can’t get in on some R&R with their buddies, too? When we saw that Iverstine Farms Butcher recently hosted a guys’ night event for the butcher shop’s owner and his friends, we got to thinking of what else the bros of Baton Rouge could get up to for an evening of playing catch-up.


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“We’ve done ladies’ nights, too, but this one was for the boys,” says Iverstine market manager Carla Waller. “All we need is a headcount, and we can present you with all our catering and beverage options, whether it’s standard fare from our catering menu or a steak night with tomahawks and New York strips.”

Here’s what else the gents of the city might want to check out:

Axe-Throwing Adventures

Who doesn’t need to let off a bit of steam every now and again? Civil Axe Throwing Baton Rouge packs a little more punch than bowling, with patrons tossing weapons to see who has the best combination of strength and aim. And with popular watering holes like The Radio Bar right next door (preferably visited after wielding sharp, flying objects), the fun can run for as long as your guys have legs to stand on.

Free Flow


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When looking for a way to wind down on a weekday (but still feel like you’re accomplishing something productive), a free workout class tends to get the job done. The bar inside Tin Roof Brewing Company draws crowds every Wednesday and Sunday for Leela Yoga’s free hour-long flows and ever-changing lineup of beer, while the yoga studio also offers a free class on Thursdays outside Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar downtown followed by reduced-price drinks for attendees. With exercises that concentrate less on brute strength and more on concentrated power, a booze-fueled stretch session can be a way to expand the mind and body while tickling the urge to socialize.

Tasting Tours

Three Roll Estate recently rebranded to Oxbow Rum Distillery, but the same space on St. Phillip Street still holds potential beyond a place to grab a quick drink. The distillery offers special tasting tours to introduce visitors and locals alike to a variety of rums made on site, walking groups through the process from start to finish, and ending with a chance to try different varieties. Chelsea’s Live is only a few hops away, so the night can continue for even longer.

Climb On


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A little friendly competition never hurt anybody, and in fact might be just the impetus to gather up guy friends for a session at UpTown Climbing, where visitors can make their way up always-changing routes or even race on auto belay courses. Last one to ring the bell buys drinks for the whole crew.