Photo by Cindy Medick

Here’s your guide to planning the perfect spring picnic

Christy Luspo and Leighann Westfall. Photo by Abbie May Studio

Spring is here, which means the flowers are blooming, the breeze is blowing and the temperatures are warming up. It’s the perfect weather for gathering up some friends and family and enjoying a picnic in Louisiana’s gorgeous landscape. However, if you’re unaccustomed to packing a basket and braving the great outdoors for a bit of brunch, you might not know what supplies you need, or what food will be ideal for open-air dining.

Lucky for us, Christy Luspo and Leighann Westfall of Uptown Picnic Company have our backs when it comes to all things picnics. After launching their business in Dallas in 2020, the two best friends expanded their operation to Louisiana’s capital, where Westfall works as executive director for the National L Club at LSU.

Whether it’s a date night, birthday celebration, engagement, or even a spring picnic, these two have all the tips and tricks for helping to create a memorable experience.

Scroll over or click on the photo below for Luspo and Westfall’s go-to picnic tips:

Photo by Luisa & Douglas Photography