Give a dog a bone: Valentine’s Day for the pets of CAA

Valentine’s Day offers the opportunity to think outside of the chocolate-filled box. After all, with all the gowns of Mardi Gras season, who can fathom the idea of having sweets scattered around the house? This year, Companion Animal Alliance is offering an ideal alternative. Instead of indulging yourself, they are giving individuals and businesses the opportunity to make a shelter dog or cat’s day with a special treat.

Dubbing the fundraiser “Treat Grams,” with each $5 donation the team at CAA will give one of its numerous dogs or cats a treat, as well as display a Valentine’s message on the animal’s kennel. Could it be cuter? Glad you asked. The money donated through Treat Grams will directly benefit the shelter’s Sick and Injured Animal Fund, providing specialized care to animals in need across the city.

We caught up with CAA development director Emily Jackson to learn more about the program and its impact. Read on for all the adorable details:

1. How did you and your team come up with the idea for Treat Grams?

This is our second annual campaign for Valentine’s Day. The fundraising department and vet clinic paired up to create this fun campaign, aimed at promoting the shelter’s Sick and Injured Animal Fund. This fund is quickly depleted throughout the year, as animals in dire need of specialty care arrive through our doors.

2. What difference does a treat make in the day of a shelter dog or cat?

A treat acts as enrichment for the pet, creating a moment of excitement for them during a day of typical monotony in their kennel. In addition to daily exposure to sunshine, playtime and music, changes in taste can create happier, more adaptable pets.

3. Can you give a Treat Gram on behalf of someone?

Absolutely! This is great honorarium gift if you’d like to skip the flowers or chocolates this year. When making your donation online, just be sure to check the “Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone” box and tell us who they are!

4. Why do you think Treat Grams are a great alternative to traditional Valentine’s chocolate and flowers?

When you donate a Treat Gram, you’re spreading the love to the forgotten and abandoned pets of our parish. Plus, if you donate in honor of your beloved significant other, you’re celebrating them and our shelter pets. All donations raised from the Treat Gram campaign will directly impact the thousands of special needs pets that enter our shelter in 2020.

5. How many dogs and cats are currently in the shelter? What are some other ways people can make a difference?

At this moment, we have 214 dogs and 53 cats, but that changes every minute, as we don’t turn a single animal away. People can greatly impact our pets by volunteering, fostering, donating supplies or becoming a member. If nothing else, share our adoptable pets on your social media to help spread the word!

Check out CAA’s adoptable pets here, send a Treat Gram here and read more about some of the shelter’s other programs here.