Photos courtesy Girls on the Run South Louisiana.

Girls on the Run gives kids much-needed stress relief

Early adolescence can be one of the roughest times in a person’s life. Youth is great and all, but it certainly comes with its challenges. From pimples to popularity contests, growing up is hard—especially for girls. But it’s also one of the most formative times in anyone’s life. Girls on the Run South Louisiana is doing its part to bring positivity and confidence to the growing girls it supports.

“Studies show that girls now are facing social isolation, stressors related to COVID-19 and reduced physical activity, which can negatively impact girls’ mental and physical behavior.” explains Carley Wahlbourg Fuller, executive director of Girls on the Run South Louisiana. “Adolescent girls, in particular, are far more vulnerable to the negative impacts of stress, such as depression and anxiety, since they process stress differently than their male peers.”

This is why now, more than ever, Girls on the Run is helping girls cope with the hyper-stressful world of today. Adapting to a socially distanced fall, there are multiple options for girls to take part in the program.

Beginning September 14, the in-person program will be modified with the safety of volunteers and participants in mind. Fully virtual teams will be available to any girl between third and fifth grade with the goal of engaging girls through activity and conversation.

“To put it plainly, Girls on the Run bundles fun with friends, physical activity, and essential life skills development,” says Fuller. “If you’re looking for a safe activity for your girl this semester, Girls on the Run is prepared to support her!”

Read more about Girls on the Run South Louisiana, or visit the organization’s website to register your daughter.