The Gourmet Girl team helped us set the best-looking table for our November cover shoot. Photo by Ashleigh Jayne.

Gift your host the most with these tips from Gourmet Girls

We all know that one host who puts incredible effort into every dinner party, sweating the smallest of details to design an aesthetic space where guests can create beautiful memories. For them, hosting is a profession. And after all the work they put in, it’s only right to want to treat them right back. Cue a hostess gift.

A great hostess gift is one that won’t require a lot of fuss on the hostess’s part, Gourmet Girls owner Katia Mangham advises. “For example, something that can be consumed makes a great hostess gift,” she says. “A few ideas that come to mind are a cheese torte and spreader, wine and a wine coaster, custom shatterproof cups, bud vase with prearranged flowers, coffee table books, jam and a serving piece, or even handmade chocolates.”

Do hostess gifts really matter? Mangham says absolutely. “Hostess gifts are important because they show appreciation for being invited,” she says. “A little extra goes a long way.”

No matter how seemingly small, showing your thanks is always a good idea. And it definitely won’t hurt your chances of getting invited back for the next get-together.