Photo via Oh Happy Day.

Gift ideas for mothers and graduates

What better way to support local businesses than showering mothers and graduates with gifts? After all, haven’t they earned them? Mothers have taken the reins as not just caregivers but teachers of math, science and every other subject over the last month. Graduates have had their final celebrations torn away in exchange for digital ceremonies and solo hat tosses.

To show our appreciation and congratulations to these two worthy groups, we pulled together some of our favorite gift ideas from local stores. Click the shop names for purchasing information.

  1. Vietri rainbow Champagne flute. The Keeping Room
  2. Acrylic playing card deck. Fig & Dove
  3. Keepsake storage box. The Foyer
  4. Mother and Child, $85. Kiki
  5. Monogram wreath sash, $75. Fig & Dove
  6. “Jenkins” heel, $365. Dee Keller Designs
  7. Mignonne Gavigan woodpecker earring, $295. Aria
  8. Spa gift card

  1. Leather wallet, $98. Orvis
  2. Will Leather Goods duffle, $395. Carriages Fine Clothier
  3. De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One, $266. Sur La Table
  4. Lauren Barksdale Hill SJA acrylic block, $85. Mint
  5. The Bucket List, $35. Anthropologie
  6. Believe In Yourself and Do What You Love, $17. Anthropologie
  7. Diamond stud earrings, $250. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry
  8. Golden Goose tennis shoes, $530. Aria