Columnist Aimee Broussard's dog Tucker. Photo by Alisha Hudman Photograpgy.

Introducing the furry friends of inRegister staffers

We loved seeing all of our readers’ four-legged friends in this year’s Dog Days of Summer contest. The pictures were cute and the gushing statements about their amazing characters–and funny habits–were even better. We thought we should give you a chance to see from our point of view, so we asked our staff to share their pets. Read on for all of the dogged details.

“Louis loves car rides but is always excited to come back home. His favorite foods are bananas and bacon. Playing chase is his love language. Any visitor is his new best friend.” – Kelli Bozeman, publisher & editor

“Two peas in a pod right here. Finn is the sweetest dog. He is so patient with his annoying little sister who just sits and tugs on him constantly. It’s been so fun to watch them bond this last year. She squeals and giggles every morning when she sees him. He can make her laugh more than us!” – Sadie Fury, account executive

Photo by Alisha Hudman Photoraphy

“This was from Tucker’s summer bucket list picnic portraits. He has lymphoma and, sadly, this will be his last summer.” – Aimee Broussard, “Aimee’s Pretty Palate” columnist

“I love my dog Lola because she is the literal perfect queen. She is a major athlete. This dog can catch anything thrown her way: balls, treats, feelings. She has the sweetest little heart and loves to snuggle but will quickly jump up to bark at someone walking past the front window. She’s a protective queen.” – Taylor Falgout, marketing & events coordinator

“Molly is the best because she is always down for a good cuddle and loves to play with other dogs. When she’s not protecting our yard from squirrels (her number one worst enemies), she likes to bask in the sun or go for long walks around the LSU Lakes.” – Madison Voorhies, editorial intern

“I thought it would be funny to show the progression of a cat lady. Same bangs, different cat!

This is Hobbes. I rescued him nine years and 15 pounds ago. The only thing he loves more than napping in the sun is my husband, who wasn’t a cat person until Hobbes insisted otherwise.” – Kynley Lemoine, account executive

“We just got a new ferret. His name is Frederick Phineas Brown III. My husband does not want a dog, and ferrets are like a cross between a cat and a dog. It is perfect for us.” – Cathy Brown, receptionist

“This is our adorably cross-eyed Siamese mix Margaux. We love her even though she howls every morning at 5 a.m.” – Dillon Lowe, digital content editor

“Clemmie is the sweetest maltipoo puppy. She loves playing with her toys, watching Bravo with her mom, getting treats beause she is such a good girl, and barking at just about anything.” – Brittany Nieto, advertising coordinator

“Our dogs Genevieve, a very photogenic Lab-husky-chow mix, and Louise, a less photogenic black German shepherd, are both rescues from Companion Animal Alliance. And while they have their quirks–Louise barks at literally everything and Genevieve is allergic to grass–they couldn’t be more perfect to us. They are the best big sisters, even if they steal a snack or two every once in a while.” – Riley Bienvenu Bourgeois, assistant editor

“Xena always wants to be by my side (or, better yet, my lap), always wants all the treats, and is the only dog in our house that actually listens to me. She’s my sidekick, and I love her dearly even though she is broken and doesn’t quite know how to play with toys.” – Emily Witt, graphic designer

“Asher is a rescue, bottle baby who has grown up to be a fabulous cat. He’s funny, curious and smart. I’m very fortunate to have him.” – Jo Glenny, production manager