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From the Editor: Match Point

inRegister Editor Kelli Bozeman. Photo by Jordan Hefler.

The only thing brighter than the neon yellow tennis balls at the Wimbledon women’s final match last month was the Duchess of Cambridge’s sunshine-hued dress. All eyes were on Kate as she made the perfect amount of small talk with each ball boy and girl before walking onto Centre Court to present a giant golden platter to this year’s winner.

Speaking of that platter, why does the women’s champion receive a prize that seems better suited to serving canapés than 100-mile-per-hour aces, while the male winner gets to hoist a hefty two-handled trophy? Lest we ponder that for too long, let’s get back to that dress—with its glowing color and twisted shoulder bow stealing the show just a little from the Kazakhstani champ dressed all in Wimbledon white. 

When the duchess steps out in public wearing any new outfit—whether it’s a perfectly proper wool coat or a silk blouse with wide-leg trousers—it sells out online virtually immediately. They call it “the Kate effect,” and it’s owed in equal parts to her elegant sense of style and her propensity to wear attainable brands ranging from Zara to J.Crew. Kate Middleton, she’s just like us!

The sartorially savvy closer to home are in the spotlight in this issue’s cover feature on the Baton Rouge Best Dressed Ball. But like Kate—what with her charitable patronages and down-to-earth demeanor—these 20 honorees are about much more than just a memorable outfit. They are using their time on the runway to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society. And they’ve got big shoes to fill—last year’s ball generated nearly $1.5 million for the cause. Turns out giving back is always in style.

Meanwhile, the women of Wimbledon are more on point with their looks than ever before. Did you know that there is an actual law on the books this summer that says that every teenage girl must wear a tank top and tennis skort at all times? At least that’s what I’m hearing at my house. Attire once reserved for practicing one’s backhand is now a grand slam in any setting. Game on!