Carrie Parascandolo with her Arabian horse named Mig. Photo by Lily LaGrange.

From the ‘inRegister’ archives: Horses of Hope provides a new path to healing

Horses have long been praised for their majestic nature, with their lustrous manes and brilliantly colored coats. But to Carrie Parascandolo, founder of Horses of Hope, their attributes go far beyond their physical characteristics.

In a world where we crave spoken communication, Parascandolo encourages those searching for healing to look beyond words and rely upon unspoken connections through equine therapy. As a young girl, Parascandolo possessed a passion for helping others as well as a passion for nature, ultimately uniting them through the Horses of Hope program to become a haven for those seeking refuge and peace. Since its start in 2013, Horses of Hope has fostered dozens of relationships between horses and humans, crystallized through love and respect, and through Parascandolo’s trailblazing effort to establish a program for equine therapy in the community.

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