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From hangovers to anti-aging treatments, IV therapy takes off in Baton Rouge

IV drips used as a spa treatment have become popular in recent years, and some wellness centers in Baton Rouge are capitalizing on the trend.

Intravenous drips allow for a different type of hydration—one that goes directly to the bloodstream—and the treatments are being used in a number of different ways.

Many clients come in looking for hydration after a night of drinking, says Brett McCullough, owner of Geaux Flow IV Spa, which opened as Baton Rouge’s first IV spa in 2016. Other customers could be patients battling chronic illnesses or undergoing chemo. Athletes preparing for a game might also make use of the IVs.

The Covery, a wellness spa in Baton Rouge, offers a number of different “premium cocktails” for IV users. They range from The Classic Myers Cocktail, which they say boosts immunity, to The Hercules, which some users get before a strenuous workout, to an anti-aging cocktail mix.

Users can even add extras to their IVs, like Zofran, a popular nausea drug, or additional vitamin C.

Geaux Flow does much of the same, offering IV drips with vitamin B9 for heart health and vitamin D for more energy.

McCullough says “being fully hydrated benefits mental preparedness and allows every organ to work a lot better.”

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