Photo by Collin Richie

The Modern Debutante’s installations are bringing vibrancy to local events and businesses

Flower and hedge walls have become a huge trend at businesses and events across the country. The moveable backdrops are made of rich green synthetic leaves, color-coordinated flowers and sometimes even neon signs. At restaurants, events and businesses, they add color, personality and liveliness. And, yes, they’re just perfectly Instagrammable.

You’ll probably start seeing them around Baton Rouge now more than ever, in part thanks to The Modern Debutante. Danielle Whatley and Diana Raffray launched the new venture in August 2020.

Earlier this year, The Modern Debutante created a permanent installation for the bar at Soji: Modern Asian. The floor-to-ceiling design is made with tropical palm leaves. The business is also working on a design for Olly-Olly, a local children’s boutique. It was featured in the Flower Fest at Pointe-Marie last month, and it will be part of the Best Dressed Ball in August.

“We like doing community things,” Raffray says. Whatley adds, “Everyone’s looking for a photo opportunity at every event, and so providing that for your guests is essential these days.”

The Modern Debutante’s services have been in demand at events like weddings and bridal and baby showers, and there’s been a growing interest in birthday installations, Raffray says.

The hedge walls are the most popular and are customizable, Raffray says, and can be upgraded with neon lights. The business also creates Shimmer Walls in shades of gold, silver or purple. The metallic displays seem to move when they catch the light.

The founders hope to offer even more wall styles later this year.

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