Andeab and Mila Berhane of Greenhand Nursery. Photo by Collin Richie.

From ‘225’: Meeting the growers behind Greenhand Nursery

Regulars of the Red Stick Farmers Market know that behind each booth exist the hardworking individuals who supply farm fresh products every week. This month, our sister publication 225 magazine delved into the story of Greenhand Nursery founders Mila and Andeab Berhane, who carefully raise and sell their herbs and vegetables at both the Thursday and Saturday markets.

The Berhanes initially sold tropical plants, but have since expanded their variety significantly to cater to advancements in home cooking. Testing each plant in their home garden before selling them, the Berhanes ensure everything they sell is appropriate for south Louisiana’s climate. Their selection of exotic herbs and peppers, heirloom tomatoes and vegetable plants leave customers flocking to the Berhanes’ booth for both growing guidance and culinary inspiration.

To learn more about the Berhanes’ Greenhand Nursery, check out the full story from 225 magazine.