Photo by Ariana Allison

Local Supply opens in Mid City, showcasing Baton Rouge artisans and makers

Local looks good on Baton Rouge’s newest gift shop, Local Supply.

Following its January 29 opening, you can now support local makers all year long at the store’s location in Electric Depot. The idea for this shop came from the creative minds of Sarah Guidry and Meredith Waguespack, co-founders of Local Pop Up.

After a few years of creating successful local pop-up markets, Guidry approached Waguespack in the summer of 2021 about creating a shop next to the Sweet Baton Rouge flagship store, which Waguespack owns. But the concept was one the duo had been dreaming of for a while.

“It all began when we were sitting on the floor in the office of Sweet Baton Rouge around 2015 or 2016,” Waguespack says. “That’s when the idea of the local side of things came into play. It’s been really fun to see how it’s come to fruition.”

Together, they created a space where local makers could have a place to sell their goods and reach more customers in the community.

“We both just wanted to bring local businesses together to one place so people could shop,” Waguespack says.

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